Usha Balachandra started off as a young business entrepreneur trading in chemicals for industries. Her calling though was pointing her in another direction all along.

One day she woke up to heed that calling and thus began her journey into an other realm.
She excelled in the sciences of Crystal healing and Reiki which encouraged her to attain the knowledge that tarot imparts, through various Masters in India, Germany, Singapore and Thailand.

In the year 1998, Usha started counselling through Tarot. Her work has taken her to USA, Canada, Europe and the subcontinent.

Through exploring the subtler energies with the help of the Tarot, Usha believes that “everyone has unlimited potential to create the life that they desire.” Her mission is to guide people on how to impact a shift in energy so as to co-create a new reality.


The Tapestry of Life
“We weave the tapestry of our life experiences through the matrix of our thoughts, emotions and feelings. Subtle emotions, deep unresolved feelings, are unveiled through a reading of Tarot cards, which help unravel the complexities of our situations, throwing light on our emotional states and energies and assist in showing a clear path ahead.” – Usha Balachandra

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